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100 Maps That Changed the World: Discovery of the American and the Establishment of the United States

From the Collection of the Asbury family


British Library Map Collection

"The British Library has one of the largest collections of maps, plans and topographical views in the world, with around 4.5 million collection items. The earliest of these, made over 2,000 years ago in the Roman Empire, can be found on a coin, while the latest appears as pixels on a computer screen. As well as geographic documents, maps can be works of art, propaganda pieces, expressions of pride or tools of indoctrination." From the British Library's Map Collection.

Cartography: A Short Introduction

Library of Congress Map Collection

Civil War Map, Union Army occupies Mobile, Alabama

The Library of Congress Map Collection includes images of a number famous events and features from US History and the History of the Americas. Map collections include: Railroad Maps, Civil War Maps, National Park Maps, American Revolution and Its Era Maps, World War II Military Situation Maps, Maps of Liberia, Cities and Towns and much more.