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An instructional pathfinder to researching for HPD Dental Medicine students and faculty

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This guide is designed to help you get started with your research. You may find these pages useful in navigating through NSU's vast amount of resources to find those that are most relevant to your area of study.

Use the tabs above or the table of contents to navigate this site. If you need assistance, please contact me--I'm here to help. If you see a need for additional information or ways to improve this subject guide, I encourage you to submit a comment or contact me directly.

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New HPD Databases

We now have access to Ovid Amirsys Imaging Reference Center and Ovid Amirsys Pathology Reference Center.

Ovid Amirsys Imaging Reference Center: A comprehensive source of radiology references for all medical professionals - not just radiologists - who work with imaging tests. Amirsys offers a combination of high-quality images, classical diagnoses, and evidence-based clinical content. There are 72,000 x-ray, CT, MR, and ultrasound illustrations and images, plus evidence-based content - including over 4,000 diagnoses - provided by imaging experts. Includes over 40,000 journal references.

Ovid Amirsys Pathology Reference Center: A comprehensive, image-rich source of information and insight for physicians and health care professionals - not just pathologists - to gain pathology perspectives on diagnoses when ordering and reviewing pathology tests, supported by thousands of journal references.

Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy: Uses simple language and high quality 3-D images to illustrate anatomical structures. The five sections covered are: The Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Trunk, Head & Neck, and Internal Organs.

Featured Databases

Use this featured HPD Library subscription database to find articles:

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Exam Master Academic Manager

For College of Dental Medicine faculty:

To enable your Academic Manager account in Exam Master

  • Go to Exam Master NBDE question bank
  • Follow the instructions to create and activate your account
  • email Star Andrews at the HPD Library -  - and request activation of your Academic Manager account

Thesis Database

Find a Thesis using the following database: