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Martin and Gail Press HPD Library Research Initiative

HPD Library - Research Support Initiative

Librarian expertise and knowledge of a wide range of information resources is critical at the outset of a research project.

10 things we can do for you:

1.       Assist with literature searching, citation management and appraisal of resources

2.       Identify appropriate search terms for your topic

3.       Set up EndNote citation management system to organize all resources; assist with citation formatting  and accuracy

4.       Answer questions specific to library resources by email, phone or text, plus one-on-one consultations

5.       Perform expert literature searches including subscription databases, gray literature sources, clinical trial registries and the web

6.       Provide instruction for you and your graduate assistants on literature searching and clinical resources

7.       Set up alerts for new articles on your topic as they are published

8.       Help access our resources remotely on your mobile devices

9.       Provide journal articles and books from non-NSU libraries at no cost to you

10.   Connect you to information about the NSU grant process