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NSU ProQuest ETD Administrator Guide: Student Submissions

To assist NSU Admins for the ProQuest ETD to set up and use their online portals.

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ETD Admin steps after student submits work to portal

ProQuest ETD Administrator - Approving Dissertation Submissions from Students and FTP’ing to NSU Works

Submission Information for Students

The information below includes the steps and links provided to NSU OC PhD Students by the Oceanography Library to follow when submitting their dissertations to ProQuest ETD.  Please feel free to use and update for your schools! 

Publishing your dissertation/thesis at Nova Southeastern University - Oceanographic Center

Ready to begin?

Recommended selections:

  • Select Type of Publishing = Traditional Publishing
  • Select Publishing Options = YES to "I want major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo) to discover my work through ProQuest."
  • Access Options =  YES.  Only Select NO if you have patents pending, or another reason why you need to delay access to the full text of your work, such as a paper in press or a grant requirement. 
  • Accept the Traditional Publishing Agreement
  • Access options for NSU’s Institutional Repository (IR) Publishing Options = select the same option as you did for access options above (open access immediately, or embargoes for designated time periods if required).  This will automatically upload your dissertation for you into NSU’s Institutional Repository, NSU Works.
  • Please review the NSU Theses and Dissertations Agreement for rights and permissions for electronic thesis, dissertation, or capstone project placement on NSU’s Institutional Repository,NSU Works.  Check off the box that you have read, understand and agree to this University Agreement, then save & continue.  
  • Contact Information = You do not need to use your NSU email - select an email that you regularly use and will continue to use in the future.  Your NSU ID is required in the Institutional Student ID.  
  • Double check your entries into theDissertation/Thesis Details boxes!
    • For Your Degree/Department Information, select the following:
      • Degree Awarded = Doctor of Philosophy
      • Department = Marine Biology/Oceanography
    •  Include your keywords!
  • Upload your PDF = We recommend you scan and add your SIGNED signature page to your file.  If you need assistance with this, please let us know.
  • Supplemental Files (Optional) = this can be pictures, raw data, etc. - anything that supports your dissertation that you would like to include.
  • Register U.S. Copyright = This is optional, but you can have ProQuest (for a fee) get you a copyright for your work. 
  • Order Copies = You do NOT need to order your print copies through this system.  We take care of the binding for you through a different company.  You can use this option in the future by logging back in at a later date to request a printed copy if you need additional ones or if you misplace your copy.  For now, click on  Decline - do not order
  • Verify your submission and submit!
  • The submission will then come to an NSU OC Librarian for review and approval.  They will contact you if there are any issues that need to be addressed. 

ProQuest Options in Portal: 

Requesting ProQuest/UMI to file for U.S. Copyright Registration

    • I understand that an additional fee of $55.00 (USD) will be charged.
    • I authorize ProQuest/UMI to submit an application for registration of my copyright in the Work in my name. I will receive the registration confirmation directly from the U.S. Office of Copyright.
    • If I have previously registered my published dissertation/thesis, or an earlier version of the manuscript with the U.S. Office of Copyright, I have provided the registration number and year of registration above (see Question 1).


Copyright Information and Resources for Students: 

  1. Creative Commons Licenses:

  2. ProQuest Copyright Information:




  3. Should I Copyright My Dissertation?

    1. …you can register your copyright at any time. You can register copyright yourself: Basic registration fee is $35 if done online, $65 if done on paper. ProQuest's charge for doing it for you at the time of deposit is $75. The United States Copyright Office is @ .  Registration, however, does not guarantee a work's copyright. For example, the Copyright Office might register your claim to copyright of a document that is actually taken from other (already copyrighted) sources or material that is legally in the public domain. In order for copyright to be valid, the material has to be legally subject to copyright, and registration does nothing for that one way or another.

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