RES 8100 The Nature of Knowing: Library Research

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RES 8100 The Nature of Knowing- Syllabus

Assignment 1 Understanding Philosophical Underpinnings of Research

Based on knowledge learned from your course readings, write a 3 to 5-page academic paper describing the philosophical underpinnings of research. To guide your understanding, think about a problem (i.e., issue or concern) in your concentration area/workplace in which you are interested. For example, students in the EdD program lack basic awareness of the philosophical underpinning of research. Based on the research problem, provide the following information using evidence (i.e., information from your class readings or external sources) to support your argument. Please include at least one citation for items ii-vii and include at least three total citations in this assignment. Please ensure your paper is written in correct FCE format and APA style.

i.Write a research problem (i.e., an issue or concern) in your concentration area/workplace in which you are interested. Please e-mail the research problem to your professor for approval PRIOR to completing this assignment.

ii.What paradigm will you follow to address the research problem? Why is this the most appropriate paradigm to address the research problem?

iii.What is the ontological position? Discuss the view of reality based on the chosen ontology.

iv.What is the epistemological belief? Discuss how knowledge is constructed through this epistemological lens.

v.What methodology will you choose? Provide evidence to support the appropriateness of the chosen methodology.

vi.What potential data collection method(s) will you use to address the research problem? Provide a rationale for the selection.

vii.Discuss the limitations of the chosen ontology.

See Appendix A for the Assignment 1 Grading Rubric
Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs): 1, 2, 8

Assignment 2 – Literature Review Concept Map/Outline

A literature map is a visual presentation of the major sections and subsections related to a research problem in your concentration. Using the activities from the Galvan text as a guide, gather a variety of sources using NSU’s electronic databases based on a research problem of interest to you (it can be the same problem from Assignment 1 or a different one). Next, develop an outline or concept map to identify the primary and secondary sections of the proposed literature review. The outline/map should contain a minimum of 10 references from primary sources. An NSU librarian will provide additional training on utilizing the library databases in preparation for this assignment.

See Appendix B for the Assignment 2 Grading Rubric
SLOs: 5, 6

How to Create a Concept Map (Video) Mount, K. (Practitioner). (2017). Presentation skills: preparation London : SAGE Publications Ltd. doi: 10.4135/9781473978874

Assignment 3

Every assignment must include the FCE title page. Please consult the FCE Standard Format for Written Assignments for additional formatting requirements for assignments.

Assignment 3 –Writing a Literature Review (25 points; Due Week 14)

Following the outline/map, and utilizing the activities form the Galvan text as a guide, compose a step-by-step literature review containing a minimum of 10 references derived from primary sources. Prior to submission, you will be required to conduct a peer review, submit the paper to for a plagiarism check, and complete a self-editing checklist. The paper will be approximately 7 – 10 pages in length and must adhere to appropriate format and APA style.

See Appendix C for the Assignment 3 Grading Rubric
SLOs: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Library Workshops

The library offers face-to-face and online workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year. Workshop recordings are also available.