Digital Tools for Graduate School: Speak

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Speak with Confidence

Envisioning everyone in their underwear is a thing of the past. Crush nerves, remove verbiage that is not necessary from your dialog, and time yourself so you don't run over or under with these tools. 



These tools are designed to help you release the anxiety created by real or imagined bad experiences from the the past and to program your mind to perform well in the future. The aim is for you to learn how to relax, breathe naturally and easily and actually begin to enjoy those experiences.


Use a teleprompter to help you with your speech.  If you have iOS, PromptSmart is the best one to use as it has a voice recognition pattern that speeds up and slows down based on the pace of your voice. However, it is not free or cheap ($15).  Prompster Pro is available for both iOS and Android and is $2.  The other two are free to use with in-app purchases for enhanced features.


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