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BIOL Course Guide: BIOL 4960 Practicum in Biology

BIOL 4960 Practicum in Biology

BIOL 4960 - Annotated Bibliography

Sample Annotated Bibliographies / Tips:

Turn it in early!! 

  • If you turn in your assignment at least two weeks before the deadline, the librarians can review it and give you a chance to correct errors in order to get as many points as possible.

Beware citation generators!

Use the APA (6th ed.) Style Manual to find and correct errors.

sample generated citation with punctuation errors

Recommended Databases

Search for scholarly articles in the library's Biology and/or Health & Medicine databases. Here are the librarians' top picks:


Database features include tutorials and quick guides on the research process; sample citations using APA Style (including sample tables and figures); interactive, pre-formatted paper templates; insert references tool; collaborative writing tools


Library Assignment (Up to 50 Points):

  • Librarian visits class
    • discusses how to make an appointment with a librarian, complete the annotated bibliography assignment, and use specialized databases to find scientific literature
  • One-on-one appointments with a librarian
    • Students will be required to each attend at least one library appointment
    • Appointments will be made using the online request form
      • On the form, describe your topic so you can be paired with a librarian that specializes in that area
    • Students earn 2 points toward their library assignment for attending an appointment
  • Library assignment due
    • Students must email their annotated bibliography to with the subject line “BIOL 4960 Annotated Bibliography” and their full name
    • See rubric for assignment requirements and how it will be graded