BIOL 1500 Biology I: Scavenger Hunt Hints

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Sherman Library Call Number Locations

The table below provides a quick guide where each call number range is located within the Alvin Sherman Library:

Library of Congress (LC) Call Number* Floor
A - HD69.3T46 3 (East)         
HD69.T46 - PQ 3 (West)
PR - Z 4 (West)
Dewey Decimal Call Number               
000-999 1 (East)

*Call numbers with the status LIB USE ONLY are located on the 2nd Floor.

Helpful Handouts:

Sample Database Advanced Search Form

  • "OR" will search for an article that contains either search term (but not necessarily both). It broadens the search and produces more results.
  • "AND" will search for an article that contains both search terms. It narrows the search and produces less results.
  • Limit the search options to full text, peer reviewed, and scholarly journals to only find articles that meet that criteria.

Compare Citation Styles for a Journal Article

How do Boolean operators work?




What are citations?

  • Use databases to find scholarly journal articles on a specific topic.
How to Access Library Databases How to Search in a Database How to Use "Find It" for Full Text
  • You can use the Catalog to find journals in print and electronic (online library database) formats.
Print Example: Electronic Example: