BIOL 1500 Biology I: Scavenger Hunt

Directions and information about library activities and training.
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1.  Work in small groups of 2-4. 
2.  In each group, select someone with a smartphone / mobile device as the team leader.
3.  On the smartphone, go to
4.  Click on "student login," enter the room name code provided by the librarian, and click "join." 

5. Next, enter a team name of your choice for your group.  (Keep it appropriate!) Then, click "Done."


  • You have 20-30 minutes to do the scavenger hunt.  When time is up, return to the classroom (even if your group has not finished)
  • Please be respectful of people studying in the library.  Do not run or yell; this is not a race!
  • Please return items exactly where you found them so the other groups can find them as well.
  • If you get stuck on a question, the librarian at the Reference Desk can help guide you.


  • For each question, work together to determine the correct answer. The questions will ask you to use a specific library resources to locate materials. Some questions may also ask you to find a scholarly full text article as well as select a correct response in the app.

    • If you need to find an article, make sure you write down the one that you found on your worksheet before submitting your response online. (Otherwise, the question will disappear.)

  • Each team member must write down the article that your team found on the Scavenger Hunt Worksheet.


  • If you get stuck on a question, ask a librarian for advice at the Reference Desk on the second floor of the library.

Teacher Room Codes

  • If you are in Computer Lab A, use ff13fa3f

  • If you are in Computer Lab B, use 2c245b2f