BIOL 1500 Biology I: Razor's Research Bytes

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Library Assignment

All BIOL 1500 students should complete Razor's Research Bytes by the end of Week 1. (Completion of the Program Bytes is not required for BIOL 1500.)

Logging In

Note: Blackboard works best using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer or a mobile device.

Step 1: Log into SharkLearn (Blackboard)

Step 2: Go to My Courses and select NSU Libraries - Razor's Research Bytes

Step 3: Once in the NSU Libraries' course, select Razor's Research Bytes from the left-hand menu


Printing Your Certificate

Students that complete the "What did you learn?" activity at the end of Razor's Research Bytes and/or the discipline-specific Program Bytes with a score of 80% or higher will earn a certificate of completion.

This certificate will be found within the "Badges/Certificates section of the NSU Libraries' course.

When you click on the printer icon, your certificate will open in a new window. Click on print certificate to print a copy for your records. If your professor requires you to complete any of the library's bytes, you can scan the printed certificate to your professor as proof of completion.

About Razor's Research Bytes

Razor's Research Bytes is a self-paced library orientation that consists of a series of "bite-size" online modules (located in the NSU Libraries' Blackboard Course) that introduce general research concepts and illustrate how to efficiently use library resources. 

Specifically, these "bytes" provide:

  • An introduction to the NSU Libraries
  • An overview of services provided by librarians
  • An explanation of popular and scholarly periodicals 
  • Strategies for evaluating sources of information
  • A demonstration how to use specific library search tools:
    • ‚ÄčNovaCat (the library's catalog)
    • Databases
    • Full-Text Finder
    • Find It
  • Tips for avoiding plagiarism and citing sources
  • Ways to contact a librarian for help

Upon successful completion of Razor's Research Bytes, students will earn a certificate that can be printed for their records.

Program Bytes

After finishing Razor's Research Bytes, complete at least one Program Byte related to your discipline to learn about specific resources available for that subject area, and earn a specialized certificate of completion at the end.

Note: If you have questions about logging into Razor's Research Bytes or receiving your certificate of completion, please contact the Alvin Sherman Library's Reference Desk at