Library Boot Camp: Schedule & Registration

Don’t let the library feel like no man’s land! Come be all you can be by attending our basic trainings on library resources and services!

Fall 2014

The DeSantis Building (#8 on map) is across from the Alvin Sherman Library (#7A on map).

Recordings from Fall 2013

"Basic Training" (Sept 15, 2014)

  • This session demonstrates how to search for books and articles and where to find helpful tips such as Library Guides and Library Learn.  Note: To view this recording, you will be asked to sign in.


  • Please register to attend one or more live sessions in person or online.  For each live workshop that you attend, you will automatically be emailed the recording information within the following week. 
  • If you cannot attend a live session but wish to receive the recording, please register and select the option “I cannot attend but wish to receive the recording” for each session that you would like to view. 

Enter Online Classroom

  • To attend a live session online, click on the Blackboard Collaborate logo below at the start of the session and sign in:

  • Please note that Library Boot Camp is part of an "Assessment in Action" research study.  As you enter the online classroom, you will receive an Informed Consent Form asking you to participate.  If you do not wish to participate in the study, you may still attend Library Boot Camp without taking the anonymous pre/post-tests.

Handouts / Worksheets