Just for Teens @ Alvin Sherman Library: Find Music

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Finding Music


In the Alvin Sherman Library, sound recordings (compact disc and cassettes) are classified by ANSCR, the Alpha-Numeric System for Collections of Recordings. ANSCR is pronounced "answer."  Music CDs are located on the 4th floor of the Alvin Sherman Library.

ANSCR Classification Summary


Music Appreciation: History & Commentary
B Operas: Complete & Highlights
C Choral Music
D Vocal Music
E Orchestral Music
EA Orchestral music: General Orchestral
EB Orchestral music: Ballet Music
EC Orchestral music: Concertos
ES Orchestral music: Symphonies
F Chamber Music
G Solo Instrumental Music
GG Solo Instrumental Music: Guitar
GO Solo Instrumental Music: Organ
GP Solo Instrumental Music: Piano
GS Solo Instrumental Music: Stringed Instruments
GV Solo Instrumental Music: Violin
GW Solo Instrumental Music: Winged Instruments
GX Solo Instrumental Music: Percussion Instruments
H Band Music
J Electronic, Mechanical Music
K Musical shows & Operettas
L Soundtrack Music: Motion Pictures & Television
M Popular Music
MA Pop Music
MC Country/Western
MG Contemporary Christian/Gospel
MJ Jazz
MN New Age
MR Rock, Rhythm and Blues, etc.
P Folk and Ethnic Music (National)
Q Folk and Ethnic Music (International)
R Holiday Music
S Varieties & Humor
T Plays
U Poetry
Y Sounds & Special Effects
Z Children's Recordings
ZI Children's Recordings: Instructional
ZM Children's Recordings: Music
ZR Children's Recordings: Holiday
ZS Children's Recordings: Spoken

Music Online

Music Online
(Alexander Street Press)

Did you know that the library has a database that lets you listen to music, create personal playlists, get free biweekly music downloads, and more?  It's called Music Online!    

Music Online aims to provide the most comprehensive database in streaming audio, video, reference, and scores on the web.