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Introduction to the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library: Students

About the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library: hours, library services for students, faculty, alumni and visitors

Research Help

Liaison Librarians assist with research, finding full text to articles, and learning to use HPD Library resources such as EndNote or HPD Databases.

In Person:
Available 7:30am-5:30am M-F

Text a Librarian:

Dial 954-526-9218

Send your question to


Reference Desk: 954-262-3108 or

                       800-541-6682 ext. 23108


Colleges: Optometry & Nursing
Majid Anwar:

Colleges: Health Care Sciences (CHCS), Pharmacy
CHCS Programs: Anesthesiology Assistant, Cardiovascular Sonography, Respiratory Therapy, Sonography

Daisy De La Rosa:

College: Health Care Sciences (CHCS)
CHCS Programs: Athletic Training, Audiology, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology

Melinda Johnson:

Colleges: Allopathic Medicine, Medical Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine
Julia Sarpy:

College: Health Care Sciences (CHCS)
CHCS Programs: Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant

Pam Beegle:

College of Dental Medicine
Tariq Rahaman:

Connect your Phone to NSU student email

Mobile device setup instructions:

Technology Help

I. Browser Settings
The following must be set on your web browser:

  • Accept cookies (Try this cookie test.)
  • Enable JavaScript

    To enable JavaScript in your browser:

    1. Select 'Tools' from the top menu
    2. Choose 'Internet Options'
    3. Click on the 'Security' tab
    4. Click on 'Custom Level'
    5. Scroll down until you see section labeled 'Scripting'
    6. Under 'Active Scripting', select 'Enable' and click OK
  • Disable pop-up blockers
  • Check for new versions of web pages every time they are accessed. This is more commonly referred to as Clearing your Cache. Here's how:
    • Internet Explorer:
      1. Select Tools on the menu bar.
      2. Select Internet Options.
      3. Click the General tab.
      4. Under Temporary Internet Files, click the Delete Files... button.
      5. A small window will open, click OK.
      6. Under Temporary Internet Files, click Settings button.
      7. Under Check for newer versions of stored pages, select Every visit to the page.
      8. Click OK, and then again OK to close.
    • Mozilla Firefox:
      1. Click on the browser's Tools menu
      2. Select Clear Private Data... option
      3. You can leave all boxes unchecked, except for Cache.
      4. Click on Clear private data now... button.
  • Video problem? Check for most recent Flash player at

II. Firewalls
If you have a personal firewall and are having problems accessing a database, you may need to disable the firewall while using that database, or create an exception per your firewall instructions.
Please note: Disabling the firewall may make your computer or network vulnerable to intrusions. If you are part of a network (school or company), then you should contact your Systems Administrator about possible firewall issues. 

III. Recommended Browsers & Plug-ins
For best results using the library's website and most electronic resources, we recommend the following:

  Windows Mac
Operating System 95, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 OS X 10.3, OS X 10.4, OS X 10.5
Browsers Download Mozilla FirefoxFirefox 2+
Download Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 7+
Download Google ChromeChrome
Download OperaOpera
Download SafariSafari
Download Mozilla FirefoxFirefox 2+
Download OperaOpera

(for PDF and audio/video files)
Download Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
Download Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player
Download Shockwave Adobe Shockwave Player
Download RealPlayerRealPlayer
Download Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
Download Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player
Download Shockwave Adobe Shockwave Player
Download RealPlayerRealPlayer


OII Technology Help Desk: 954-262-4357

Virus Help:

NSU Virus Help page

    Hold a Book

  Order a Book from Sherman Library

Need a book from the Sherman Library collection? Order it online to be delivered to the HPD Library for pickup.

    How to Renew Materials

1. HPD Library Front Desk OR

2. Call: 954-262-3106 OR

3. Email OR

4. Renew online (choose Renew your Items):

Your NSU Identity

New NSU Students receive several forms of identification:

1. NSU ID and PIN

2. NSU ID Card (used for checking out HPD Library materials). To get an NSU ID Card, go to the Don Taft University Center Card Services Office; more info at

3. NSU email address and email password

To Retrieve your NSU ID:

Your NSU Email Name & Password is used for:

  • Your SharkLink Login
  • Your WebCT Login
  • Your NSU WebMail Account
  • Security access to various NSU Web Applications

Technology Help Desk: 


Who Needs a Permit

All Nova Southeastern University students, faculty, staff, and outside contractors or vendors who park a vehicle on University property must obtain a University parking permit.

How to Obtain a Parking Permit

Parking permits are available at the One-Stop Shop on the 1st floor of the Terry or Horvitz Administration Buildings on main campus or you may download the printable form below and submit either by mail or fax to the One-Stop shop.

Note: The acquisition of a parking permit only authorizes the parking of a vehicle on campus. It does not establish a designated parking space. A vehicle parked in any unauthorized area is in violation of the regulations for parking at NSU.

Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m
Friday  8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Your new NSU parking decal must be displayed on your vehicle as of September 1, 2011, or you may receive a parking citation for an expired or missing decal. NSU requires parking decals to be placed in the left-hand corner of the rear window or the left side of the rear bumper.


Tutorials, System Requirments:

Test for First Time Users of Elluminate, Blackboard Collaborate etc.- you need a Java web start plug-in- you can test your system requirements here:

First Time Users:

View information for first time users for Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing, Blackboard Enterprise Instant Messaging, Elluminate Live!, Wimba Classroom, Wimba Voice, Elluminate Session Administration System (SAS), Blackboard ELM, Publish!, Plan!:

Elluminate Live!

  • System Requirements
  • Test Elluminate Live!in the Configuration Room
  • Access Elluminate Live!Training archives and resources
  • Learn more about Elluminate Live!

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

  • Check your System Requirements
  • Test Blackboard Collaborate webconferencing in the Configuration Room
  • Access Training resources
  • Learn more about Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise Instant Messaging

  • Check your System Requirements
  • Install Blackboard IM Client
  • Sync your account with your CMS

Wimba Classroom

  • System Requirements
  • Run the Wimba Classroom Setup Wizard
  • Access Wimba Classroom Training Archives and resources

Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring

  • System Requirements
  • Run the Wimba Voice Setup Wizard
  • Access Wimba Voice Training Archives and resources

Session Administration System (SAS)

  • System Requirements
  • Access SAS training archives and resources
  • Learn more about SAS

Blackboard ELM

  • System Requirements
  • Access ELM training archives and resources
  • Learn more about ELM


  • System Requirements
  • Access Publish! product information and download page
  • Access Publish!training archives and resources
  • Learn more about Publish!


  • System Requirements
  • Access Plan! product information and download page
  • Access Publish!training archives and resources
  • Learn more about Plan!

Wireless Access

To setup your NSU wireless access:

Simply select "1NSU" from the available networks and enter your Sharklink ID and Password


Shark Print

To print from any computer or laptop on campus:

1. Save your document

2. Choose SharkPrint portal

3. Login and choose WebPrint

4. Upload your file- choose the Main Campus printing station

5. Go to any SharkPrint Release station to print your file

Prices: BW $.05 page

          Color $.10 page

          Duplex(2 sided) $.10

iMac users:

  • use Safari Web Browser to send/upload print jobs
  • save document as doc, pdf, docx, ppt, pptx to print

Important Contacts



HPD Plagiarism and Copright Guide


Plan information

NSU has special discounts for employees and students for personal phones, wireless cards, tablets, hotspots, and more.

White Coats with Larger Pockets

White coats with Pockets large enough to fit iPads:

Landau Men (long)


Labwear (long)


Landau Women (long)


Dezignable lab coats (Long and short)


Fashion seal


White Swan (short)

Affordable Textbooks

Walking Directions to Sherman Library

HPD is #19

Sherman Library is #7

NSU Emergency / Hurricane Info

NSU Emergency/Hurricane Web Page:
This will provide official information regarding campus closings, event cancellations, and campus reopenings. New information
will be posted as frequently as warranted.

Should the main NSU Web site become unavailable due to a hurricane, an alternate informational NSU website at will become available.

NSU Emergency Hotline at 800-256-5065 will provide official information regarding campus closings, event cancellations, and campus reopenings.
New information will be posted as frequently as warranted.

The main telephone number for the university, (954) 262-7300, also serves as a HOTLINE during hurricane watch/warning events.

More information about safety can be found at - the NSU campus safety handbook.