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Introduction to the Health Professions Division Library: What is an embargo?

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Embargo = full text to journal articles are not available for the specified time period

An embargo on full text is set by the journal publisher and allows them to try to sell more print copies before making the full text available online.


International Journal of Important Information   

EBSCO Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source 2008-present (Embargo 1 year)

  • Full text is available for articles published from 2008 until 1 year before today's date

  • This journal has an agreement with the database vendor EBSCO to embargo full text for 1 year

  • The publisher can sell more print copies and make a higher profit for that year


You can always get the full text FREE -

  • check the library catalog to see if the HPD Library has the print edition or
  • order using Interlibrary Loan!

  Help available: