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Osteopathic Medicine: McGraw Hill-Primary Care eBooks

Recommended resources for HPD College of Osteopathic Medicine students and faculty

Primary Care collection

PDF versions of all of the eBooks in this collection

(2014). Pharmacotherapy Handbook, 9/E, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2013). Concise Pathology 3/e EB, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2012). Stroke Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Medication Safety in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2013). Physiology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 14/E, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2010). Dermoscopy: An Illustrated Self-Assessment Guide, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2012). Anesthesiology Board Review Pearls of Wisdom 3/E, McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange.

(2002). Emergency Ophthalmology: A Rapid Treatment Guide, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Sterile Compounding for Pharmacy Technicians--Training and Review for Certification, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Orthopaedic Surgery Examination and Board Review, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Pain Medicine and Management: Just the Facts, 2e, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2016). Master the Wards: Internal Medicine Handbook, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2016). Top Shelf: Essential Learning for the Internal Medicine Clerkship, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2016). Pulmonary Disease Examination and Board Review, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2016). Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Assessment of Practice Performance in Emergency Medicine: A Clinician's Guide to Quality Improvement, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Non-Sterile Compounding for Pharmacy Technicians?Training and Review for Certification, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Lange Q&A Optometry Review: Basic and Clinical Sciences, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). McGraw-Hill Education's EMT-Basic Exam Review, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Lung and Pleural Pathology, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Radiology Case Review Series: Genitourinary Imaging, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). LANGE Q&A Physician Assistant Examination, Seventh Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Color Atlas and Synopsis: Gastrointestinal Pathology, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Operative Microsurgery, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: Essentials of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). McGraw-Hill Education's EMT-Paramedic Exam Review, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). K.J. Lee's Essential Otolaryngology, Eleventh Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Clinical Procedures for Ocular Examination, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). Ultrasound of the Foot and Ankle: Diagnostic and Interventional Applications, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2015). LANGE Radiography Review Flashcards, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Radiology Case Review Series: Pediatric Pediatric, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Physician Assistant Exam Review, Pearls of Wisdom, McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange.

(2014). Anatomy Coloring Book for Health Professions, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Operative Orthopedics of the Upper Extremity, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2014). Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2014). Obstetrics & Gynecology Correlations and Clinical Scenarios, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Body CT: The Essentials, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Atlas of Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2014). Pharmacy Technician Exam Certification and Review, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Neuroradiology Signs, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2014). Radiology Case Review Series: Interventional Radiology, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2014). Integrative Medical Biochemistry: Examination and Board Review, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). Family Medicine, 6E, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2014). The Teaching Hospital: Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Evolution of Academic Medicine, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2014). Internal Medicine Correlations and Clinical Scenarios (CCS) USMLE Step 3, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2013). The Anesthesia Guide, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Radioliogy Case Review Series: Breast Imaging, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Intraoperative Neuromonitoring, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Casarett & Doull's Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons, Eighth Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Anatomic Pathology, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Anatomic Pathology Flashcards, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Manual of Healthcare Leadership - Essential Strategies for Physician and Administrative Leaders, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Basic Science of Oncology, Fifth Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Basic Musculoskeletal Imaging, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). The Ultimate Guide to the Physician Assistant Profession, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2013). McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Clinical Anesthesiology, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Guide to the Canadian Family Medicine Examination, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Medical Research Essentials, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2013). Radiology Case Review Series: MSK Imaging, McGraw-Hill Professional.

Primary Care collection continued

PDF versions of all of the eBooks in this collection

(2013). Gastrointestinal Imaging Cases, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2013). Geometrical and Visual Optics, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2012). Interventional Nephrology, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2012). The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2012). Lange Q&A Surgical Technology Examination, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2012). Anesthesia Unplugged, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2012). Clinical Brain Mapping, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2012). Histology: The Big Picture, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2012). Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange.

(2012). Neuroanatomy Text and Atlas, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2012). Essential Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, Tenth Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2012). Otolaryngology Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange.

(2012). Ct & Mri Pathology: A Pocket Atlas, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2012). Hurst's the Heart Manual of Cardiology, Thirteenth Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2012). CURRENT Essentials of Nephrology & Hypertension, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2015). LANGE Q&A: Mammography Examination, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2011). Mechanical Circulatory Support: Principles and Applications, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2014). Clinical Judgment USMLE Step 3 Review, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2011). Color Atlas & Synopsis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2011). Williams Manual of Hematology, Eighth Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2011). Head and Neck Imaging Cases, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2011). Radiology On-Call: A Case-Based Manual, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2010). End-of-Life-Care: A Practical Guide, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2010). Genitourinary Imaging Cases, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2010). Emergent Management of Trauma, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2010). CURRENT Essentials of Medicine, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2009). The Common Symptom Guide, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2009). Visual Perception: A Clinical Orientation, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2009). USMLE Road Map Pathology, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2008). Musculoskeletal Imaging Cases, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2008). Pediatric Endocrinology and Inborn Errors of Metabolism, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2008). Medical Microbiology: The Big Picture, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2008). Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2008). Hospital Medicine: Just The Facts, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Lange Instant Access: Hospital Admissions: Essential Evidence-Based Orders for Common Clinical Conditions, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2007). Casarett & Doull's Toxicology, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). The Pediatric Diagnostic Examination, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Allergy and Asthma: Practical Diagnosis and Management, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Real Whole-Body MRI: Requirements, Indications, Perspectives, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Congenital Malformations: Evidence-Based Evaluation and Management, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Living Donor Organ Transplantation, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Understanding Patient Safety, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Maxey-Rosenau-Last Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Fifteenth Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2007). Toxico-terrorism: Emergency Response and Clinical Approach to Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Agents, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Understanding Global Health, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2007). Pathology: The Big Picture, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2007). CURRENT Essentials Orthopedics, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2007). CURRENT Essentials Pediatrics, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2006). Rational Medical Decision Making: A Case-Based Approach, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2006). Handbook of Fractures, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2006). CURRENT Occupational & Environmental Medicine: Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2006). Clinical Pharmacokinetics Handbook, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2006). Diagnostic Thoracic Imaging, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2005). Functional Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2005). Clinical Dialysis, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2005). Low Back Syndromes: Integrated Clinical Management, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2005). Multicultural Medicine and Health Disparities, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2005). Essential Adolescent Medicine, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2005). Histology Image Review, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2005). Medical Spanish, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2005). The Diabetes Mellitus Manual: A Primary Care Companion to Ellenberg & Rifkin's, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2005). Internal Medicine On Call, McGraw-Hill Medical.

(2004). Bull's Handbook of Sports Injuries, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2001). Clinical Physiology of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2001). Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Infectious Diseases, McGraw-Hill Education.

(2012). Harrisons Manual of Medicine, 18th Edition, McGraw-Hill Professional.

 (2013). Nephrology in 30 Days, McGraw-Hill Professional.

(2015). Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference 2016, McGraw-Hill Education.