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Osteopathic Medicine: Multimedia &

Recommended resources for Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine College of Osteopathic Medicine students and faculty

New AHRQ Patient Safety YouTube Channel

Heart & Lung Sound Website

Heart Sounds and Murmurs - Cardiac auscultation reference guide includes over a hundred heart sounds, both real and simulated. Use these buttons to view sounds by auscultation area.

Lung Sounds - the lung auscultation guide provides quick access to twenty lung or breath sounds. Our guide includes audio, listening tips and a waveform.

DVD Resources

Rosetta Stone



Interested in learning a new language?  Try out the Rosetta Stone computer-assisted learning language system.


Microphone and speakers are required.

Please note, our subscription only covers level 1 for each language.

Martin and Gail Press HPD Library Resources

Medical Videos on the Web

Patient, Doctor and Society (PDS)

30+ videos from the University of Wisconsin Madison, includes the following categories:

Basic Principles Underlying Modern Medicine: The Physical Exam and Bedside Manners for Doctors and Patients

Audio Digest

Click the picture below to access the HPD Library Audio Digest Account

The HPD Library subscribes to the following categories:

Emergency Medicine
Family Practice
General Surgery
Internal Medicine

Free Resources