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Library Resources Presentation

Selected Journals

The journals listed here specialize on the topics of curriculum and teaching.  However, other journals in education will also contain some articles on these topics.

Scholarly Journals:

AECT Conference Proceedings

Each year, dozens of research papers are presented at the convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) and published in the proceedings of the convention.

The vast majority of these papers are the results of doctoral student dissertation research.

The proceedings are an excellent source of ideas for dissertation research and contain hundreds of examples of research in the fields of instructional technology and distance education.

Many AECT conference papers can be located free online by searching the ERIC database. Use the search term AECT.  For the most precise results, limit your results to conference papers to elminate results that mention AECT but are not actually papers presented at the conference

These proceedings can also be downloaded for free in order for NSU ITDE students to inspect and review them.  If however you decide to use one of the proceedings, then there is a charge of $20 that must be paid (the regular rate is $80).  Reading the proceedings is free.

To see the proceedings online, contact Michael Simonson at simsmich@nova.edu

If you do end up using one of the proceedings, please send your check to:

Proceedings/Michael Simonson, Editor
1750 NE 167th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
URL http://www.tresystems.com/proceedings/


Passwords to access these proceedings

2011 Proceedings
Volume 1 and 2  ERIC ED528860
  username: aect34
  password: jk#11@le12

2010 Proceedings
Volume 1
  username: aect33
  password: wk#23g
Volume 2
  username: aect33
  password: jb81@

2009 Proceedings
Volume 1
  username: aect32
  password: hk#220
Volume 2
  username: aect32
  password: js@9754

2008 Proceedings – Orlando
  username: aect31
  password: sz!259

2007 Proceedings-
Volume #1 - Anaheim
  username: aect30
  password: ea*012
Volume #2 - Anaheim
  username: aect30
  password: pb@782

2006 Proceedings
Volume 1 - Research Papers.
  username: aect29
  passwod: nya@95