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Pharmacy Research Guide: Drug Databases/Information

An instructional pathfinder for HPD College of Pharmacy students and faculty

Drug Information Databases & Tutorials

Clinical Pharmacology (Powered by Clinical Key)  is a new and completely updated version of this database, with fast access to current, accurate and clinically relevant drug information.

Check out these short tutorial videos from Clinical Pharmacology:

How to Search in Clinical Pharmacology (5:24)
How to Use Drug Monographs (5:09)
How to Use Reports (Clinical Comparisons, Drug Interactions, Product Comparisons, IV Compatibility, and Adverse Reaction Reports) (6:02)
How To Use Patient Education (1:24) 
How To Use Resources (1:53) 


National Library of Medicine Tutorial on Searching Drugs or Chemicals in PubMed

Additional Drug Info Resources:

Dietary Supplements

Special thanks to Dr. Robert Speth for this list of links:


Drug Facts Websites