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Medical Sciences: Pathology

Recommended resources for the College of Osteopathic Medicine

Pathology - HPD Databases

Pathology Reference Center

A comprehensive, image-rich source of information and insight for physicians and health care professionals - not just pathologists - to gain pathology perspectives on diagnoses when ordering and reviewing pathology tests. This unique reference offers a combination of high-quality images, diagnoses spanning a wide range of topics and clinical text.


*Nearly 30,000 images, including gross pathology, H&E, IHC stains, correlative images, and colored graphics

*Over 2,100 evidence-based diagnoses written by pathology experts and supported by thousands of journal references

*Diagnosis topics include key terminology, a diagnosis checklist, a list of ancillary tests, multiple differential diagnoses and more

*Many topics include summary tables - such as lists of immunohistochemistry staining patterns, and feature comparisons for different diagnoses


Download, print, and share images and diagnoses!


PEIR - multidisciplinary public access image database

From their FAQ page…

3. Who can use the PEIR Digital Library?

The PEIR Digital Library is a public access resource designed for use in developing medical education applications. This resource is freely available on the Web for all users--access is unrestricted. The use of images from this resource is limited, however, to non-profit educational activities

Pathology eBook in Access Medicine

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