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The Alvin Sherman Library serves as a Funding Information Network Partner of The Foundation Center and provides a wide range of services to help those involved in preparing grants and soliciting funds from foundations.
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 Foundations Today series:

Foundation Giving Trends: Update on Funding Priorities (HV85 .F665)
Foundation Staffing: Update on Staffing Trends of Private and Community Foundations Foundation Growth and Giving Estimates. (AS911.A2 F7)
Foundation Reporting: Update on Public Reporting Trends of Private and Community Foundations (HV85 .F686)
Foundation Yearbook: Facts and Figures on Private and Community Foundations (HV85 .F688)

Grant Guides series (35 publications) 

None of the books or journals in the Foundation and Grants Collection can be checked out. The online database is accessible only from the library; remote access is not available. Photocopiers are available at the library for a nominal fee. Users may print from the library's public computers for a nominal fee as well. Library visitors are reminded to observe the federal laws regarding unauthorized duplication of copyrighted materials and software.



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