Get Started with Quantitative Research: Where to Begin

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The library guide to Quantitative Research provides information on resources available from the Alvin Sherman Library, both in the library and online, related to Quantitative Research. The library guide covers subject headings, reference sources, books, periodicals, databases, Web sites, and style guides.

Garwood's Definition of Quantitative Research

Research involving the collection of data in numerical form for quantitative analysis. The numerical data can be durations, scores, counts of incidents, ratings, or scales. Quantitative data can be collected in either controlled or naturalistic environments, in laboratories or field studies, from special populations or from samples of the general population. The defining factor is that numbers result from the process, whether the initial data collection produced numerical values, or whether non-numerical values were subsequently converted to numbers as part of the analysis process, as in content analysis.

Garwood, J. (2006). QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH. In V. Jupp (Ed.), The SAGE Dictionary of Social Research Methods. (pp.251-252). London, England: SAGE Publications, Ltd. doi:org/10.4135/9780857020116

An Introduction to Quantitative Methods - Harvard

Video on Quantitative Methods

This video provides an overview of theory and includes a short description of quantitative methods.

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