EM 501 Educational Media/School Library (MS/EdS Certification Track): APA

Information about Using APA Style for citing the resources you used.
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Examples of APA Formatting - Articles and Websites

For formatting an article in a journal, see APA manual (6th ed.), pp. 199-202
or  see  Article Citation Formatting video (4 min. 15 sec.).

Ex. 1: Journal article with DOI assigned, one author.


J. (2010). An interdisciplinary approach to preparing early intervention professionals: A
university and community collaborative initiative. Teacher Education and Special Education,
33(2), 131-142. doi:10.1177/0888406409357546

Ex. 2: Journal article, eight or more authors, with no DOI If there is no DOI number, then a complete journal citation, up to the page numbers, will meet FSEHS standard format requirements.


H. M., McKay, J., Alvarado, F., Plath, E., Jordan, A.,  Porter, M., . . . Allsop, S. (2005). The attractions of stupidity. The St. Croix e-Review, 30(2), 6-10. 

Ex. 3: Book by two or more authors
Author, A. A., & Author, D. D. (Year). Title of book. doi:10.XXXXXXXXXXX  See APA (6th ed.), #24 and template on p. 202, section 7.02

Rosellini, G., & Worden, M. (2010). Of course you're angry:  A guide to dealing with the emotions of substance abuse (Rev. ed.). Center City, MN: Hazelden.

Ex. 4: Book chapter in edited book


R. C., & Clement, P. F. (1984). Binge eating: Meausrement problems and a conceptual model. In R. C. Hawkings, II, W. J. Fremouw, & P. F. Clement (Eds.), The binge-purge syndrome: Diagnosis, treatment, and research (pp. 229-251). New York, NY: Springer. 

Ex. 5: Book with DOI (Retrieved online)
See APA Style posting on books, reference books, and book chapters
Author, A. A., & Author, D. D. (Year). Title of book. doi:10.XXX.XXXXXXXX 
Title of book. (Year). doi:10.XXXXXXXXXXXXX


Psychiatric Association. (2000). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (4th ed., text rev.). doi:10.1176/appi.books.9780890423349.7060

  • When the DOI number is provided, the location and publisher is not provided.
  • The letters doi are not capitalized when used in the reference citation.
  • There is no period after the DOI number.

Ex. 6: Entire website See the APA Style FAQ on citing entire websites.

The APA manual (6th ed.) says that you do not need to cite entire websites in the reference list. In the body of the paper, provide the name of the site and URL.  For example:  The Department of Health has just released a new site called HealthCare.gov at http://www.healthcare.gov/ to help people identify and compare health care programs available in their area. However, entire websites like HealthCare.gov would not be included in the reference list.

Ex. 7: Web page with no author

See   this video (4 min. 45 sec.) on how to format a webpage or web site.


coils: How they work. (2009). Retrieved June 4, 2010, from http://www.pupman

Ex. 8: Web material with no author, no date, and no page numbers. See the APA Style FAQ on citing web material with no author, no date, and no page numbers

Survey: More Americans get news from the Internet than newspapers or radio. (n.d.). Retrieved March 16, 2010, from http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/03/01/social.network.news/index.html
  • paragraph number, if provided or count paragraphs down from the beginning of the document.  For example, (para. 4)
  • An overarching heading plus a paragraph number within that section.  (Methods, para. 3)

Ex. 9: Report on web with authors.  

Wirl, J., Chou, S., Provasnik, S., Rooney, P., Sen, A., & Tabin, R.(2003). The condition of education: 2003 (Report No. NCES 2003-067). Retrieved from the National Center for Educational Statistics website: http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2003/2003067.pdf

  Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

APA Citation Resources

The Fischler School of Education and Human Services uses APA (6th ed.) for class assignments. These resources will help: