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ERIC Documents

The ERIC Documents microfiche collection are arranged consecutively by a six-digit  ED (ERIC Document) number (for example, ED 123678) in the microfiche cabinets 1 - 22 on the second floor of Alvin Sherman Library across from Lab A.   They are indexed in the ERIC database. The Alvin Sherman Library has the complete ERIC documents microfiche collection covering the years 1966-2004. 

All ERIC Documents have an ED number

  •  ED numbers refer to ‘documents’, which means all publications except journals ie. books, conference papers, theses, etc.
  • The cabinets are organized by ED number

Please note that many full-text ERIC Documents can be found in the ERIC Database. However, full-text access to older ERIC documents may be limited to microfiche.


Microform Collections

Here are some of the library's primary educational and historical microform collections. The library also has hundreds of journals and magazines on microfiche and microfilm as well.

The microfiche and microfilm are located on the second floor of the library along with a machine which will allow you to save the documents to a flash drive. There are print instructions near the microform reader showing you how to use it. If you have any questions please talk to the librarian at the second floor reference desk.

Some of our collections also have print indices or guides and these can be found in the reference section on the second floor of the Alvin Sherman Library.