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Martin and Gail Press HPD Library iPad Circ. Policies, Procedures & Surveys

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Watch Dental Student iPad in Education presentation Feb. 23, 2012

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How to download an EBSCO ebook on your iPad

Setup your account:

1. Create an account in EBSCOhost. From any EBSCO database, including eBooks on EBSCOhost, Select Log In, then Select Create an Account.Follow on screen instructions. Be sure to write down the user name and password you create and store them a safe place. You must be logged into EBSCOhost to download eBooks found there.

2. Download Adobe® Digital Editions. Be sure to write down the user name and password you create because you will use it to sync with the next app.

3. Go to App Store and download the Bluefire Reader app onto your iPad. It will prompt you for your Adobe Digital Edition’s user name and password.

Upon completion you are ready to download your first eBook:

1. After you have found a book you like, Select the Download (Offline) Button.

If you’re not already signed in to your Ebsco account you’ll be prompted to do so.

2. After Selecting the Download (Offline) Button you will get a pop-up screen confirming that you’d like to check out and download the book. First use the drop down menu to select a checkout period. Then Select the large yellow button labeled “Checkout & Download.”

3. This will be followed by two pop ups. One confirming that your book has been successfully checked out, quickly followed by a new screen asking if you want to open the book in the Bluefire Reader. Select the Open in Bluefire Reader Button.

4. If this is your first time downloading a book into the Bluefire Reader, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Adobe username and password. Once that is done, your book will download onto the Bluefire Reader bookshelf and be available for use!

Setting Up A Lending Program

Tips and resources for setting up an iPad lending program at HPD:

  • Create a lending plan & policy. Who will you lend to? For how long? What are the privileges/restrictions for use? How will iPads be charged/synced? Who will perform updates for iTunes, and the apps?
  • Decide if you will supply just the iPads, or the apps too. If purchasing apps with University funds, then contact Harmoni Clealand at the NSU Office of Procurement Management (954-262-8820, to learn about Apple's Volume Voucher Purchase Program for educational institutions.
  • To set-up an Apple Volume Purchase Program account, contact Andrew Dunne, Director of Technical Support Services,, 954-262-4900. Only one person per department will become Program Facilitator, and you must have the Dean's approval. 

Create an iTunes account with a new Apple ID:

  • For managing apps and devices, you will use iTunes, either with the free App Configurator on a Mac, or alone on PC or MAC. Download onto a designated computer and create an Apple ID account using a generic Nova email account. Contact OIIT for a generic, department account, or create a Gmail, or other email account to use with iTunes. This will be a separate account then the one you use with the Apple Volume Purchase Program, which OIIT will create for you to purchase apps.
  • Register all iPads to one designated computer and account. If you are using App Configurator, then you will most likely "Prepare" and "Supervise" on the Mac with App Configurator downloaded. 
  • iTunes is used to backup iPads, restore and sync upon check-in. If using Apple Configurator, then all backups will be saved and restored within App Configurator. App Configurator can also be used with a Mobile Device Management software, if OIIT allows it. Currently, this system is being tested. 

HPD Library is now using the Bretford PowerSync Cart to store, charge and sync iPads. We are using Apple Configurator with this cart. App Configurator works with the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education. Our check-in and check-out procedures may change slightly because of the new system. Find IT Resources for deploying iPads here.

For more information and support visit Enterprise Support.

Please contact Amanda Chiplock, Emerging Technologies Librarian at 954-262-3122, or for more information about the HPD Library iPad Initiative and Lending Program.

More Resources

Martin and Gail Press HPD Library iPad Circulation Survey Results FY '12 (July, 2011 - June, 2012)

Paper copies of iPad Pre-Checkout Surveys were administered at time of check-out; Post-checkout surveys upon check-in. Results were manually entered into Google Docs (Forms). Google produced resulting report summaries below.

MLA '12 Poster: There is an "i" in Our Team - iPad

Learn about the origins of the HPD iPad Initiative and the HPD Library iPad lending program from the resources listed below created for our poster presentation at the Medical Library Association Annual Conference, 2012. For more information, please contact Amanda Chiplock, Emerging Technologies Librarian at 954-262-3122, or

MLA '12 Seattle Logo


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College of Pharmacy


iPad requirement for all incoming students, Fall 2013:

All incoming students are required to have an iPad with iOS 6 or higher. NSU COP will be using ExamSoft to administer tests, quizzes, and assessments using this software to the first year classes. Please come prepared to begin using your iPad during orientation week.

Information on ExamSoft is available at their website. ( )

What are the minimum system requirements to use SofTest-M (iPad)?

iPad Requirements:

• Hardware = iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad Mini • Operating System = iOS 6 or higher • iPads must have 50% charge to commence a Secure Exam • iPad must not be ‘Jail Broken’ • To receive support, you must be able to connect the iPad to a computer with iTunes


In order to take an exam using SofTest-M, NSU COP will create exams that are compatible with your iPad.

Additionally, you will need to buy a license and set up an account with Turning Technologies. The school code is – jQno. Please see attached link for more information and instructions on setting up your account. Use your NSU email account in the e-mail field.

The College of Pharmacy will no longer be using "clickers" or other student response devices as the iPad will replace the clickers.