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United States Government Resources: Government To Go!

United States government resources in the Law Library and on the Internet.

U.S. Government Mobile Apps Directory

For the latest mobile apps, check out's Mobile Apps Directory. Browse through the apps alphabetically, or search by topic or source agency, to find the apps that are the most useful to you. You can also limit your search by device type: iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows, or mobile web.

Mobile Apps for iPhone and iPad

The apps on this page were created for the iPhone and/or iPad. They are almost all free, and available from the iTunes App Store.

Government Apps

EPA AIRNow (iPhone only)

  • Get location-specific reports on current and forecast air quality anywhere in the United States.

EPA iWarm (iPhone only)

  • Calculate the energy you save by recycling 20 common household items instead of throwing them away.

iUSAJobs (US Office of Personnel Management)

  • Search for jobs by keyword or location;
  • View and share OPM videos;
  • Create an account to
  •    save
    •   resumes,
    •   job search strategies,
    •   job descriptions and
    •   applications
  •    receive emails.

My TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

  •  Best viewed on iPhone
  • Find out if there are any delays at your airport
  • Find out what you can and can’t take with you on flights
  • Search the TSA Traveler’s Guide
  • View current weather and performance record for any airport in the US

Presidential Documents

  • A mobile Web application on the daily public activities of the President of the United States, created by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) and the National Archives' Office of the Federal Register (OFR) .

USPS Mobile (iPhone only)

  • Find post offices
  • Look up zip codes

  • Schedule pickups

  • Order supplies (iPhone only)

  • Read the White House blog or the latest White House news;
  • See photos, videos, or listen to live broadcasts.

Third-Party Apps

LawLibe (The Law Pod and Law Resource Exchange)

·         Best viewed on iPhone

·         Includes 1 free resource (U.S. Constitution)

·         Get additional resources (CFR, Federal Rules, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, NY, CA and TX codes, U.S. Code) for $.99 each

OyezToday HD (The Oyez Project and Chicago-Kent College of Law)

·         Track cases from the most recent 2 years’ terms;

·         For cases decided,

o    hear oral arguments;

o   view justices’ votes;

o   read the opinion;

o   share via email, Facebook or Twitter.

·         Read bios of the current Justices

PocketJustice (The Oyez Project)

·         Best viewed with iPhone

·         Read bios of all Supreme Court Justices, past and present

·         Free version contains case information for 100 landmark Supreme Court cases

·         Full version ($4.99) provides access to many more cases (Smartronix, Inc.)

·         Separate versions for iPhone and iPad

·         Provides access to data related to the Recovery Act

·         Search by zip code or place name

Transparent Gov (NICUSA)

·         Best viewed on iPhone

·         Show amounts of expenditures authorized by the Recovery Act, by category (people, government, business)

·         Zooms directly in to the portion of the Act authorizing each category of expenditure

U.S. Embassy Media Kit (MetroStar Systems)

  • Best viewed on iPhone
  • An official Department of State application
  • Get news and information from US Embassies around the world

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