Audio Books: cloudLibrary

Description of the Cloud Library database. And how to access audio books from the Cloud Library.
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Cloud Library

3M cloudLibrary owned by Bibliotheca has a new logo:

3M cloudLibrary App: An Overview

Steps to setting up cloudLibrary account

Setting up and using your account is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1 - Download the cloudLibrary App from the Apple Store or Google play.

2 - Open the app and using the drop down menu, select your state, library, and enter your Alvin Sherman Library username and password. Then agree to 3M cloudLibrary's terms and conditions.

3 - Now you are ready to check out eAudio-books or eBooks.

Note: the eAudio books are streaming so they do not download to your device. You must maintain a wi-fi connection or maintain your network connectivity - Data charges may apply.

Cloud Library Reading User Guide

More detailed instructions on downloading and reading eBooks using Cloud Library are available in this user guide: