Audio Books: RBdigital

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Getting Started Video

This twenty minutes video shows everything you need to do to get started with RBdigital.

Getting Started: RBdigital

To use the database RBdigital you will need four things:

1. An Alvin Sherman Library public card or Sharklink ID to login to the database

2. A free account in the RBdigital database. You will need to create this account by going online to the Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library website and accessing the RBdigital database. Once in the product click the "register" link to create the free account.

3. Download the RBdigital app (it is available from the Android and Apple App Stores)

4. You will need a device such as a PC, ipod or iphone to listen to the audio file (mp3)

For more information about downloading audio books and ebooks from RBdigital, use their help page which can be accessed by clicking on the question mark circle in the right hand corner once you have logged into that database.

RBdigital also offers online training webinars. To see a listing of upcoming webinars, please visit their website.