Dissertations: Find NSU Dissertations

This guide is designed to help you search for and obtain dissertations.
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NSUWorks Institutional Repository

NSUWorks is Nova Southeastern University's institutional repository. Institutional repositories are digital collections that capture and preserve the intellectual output, such as dissertations and theses, of university communities.

To search for works authored by members of the NSU community or to learn more, please visit the NSUWorks website below!

Additional Sources for Specific NSU Colleges

Visit the NSUWorks main listing for ALL THESES, DISSERTATIONS AND CAPSTONES to search all items currently available from select NSU colleges.

To find additional works authored by NSU students, please refer to the information below for some specific NSU colleges:

Abraham S. Fischler College of Education (FCE)

  • Citations and abstracts for some NSU dissertations from FCE may be found in the ERIC database. ERIC also includes full-text for many of these dissertations. Click here for a video on how to use ERIC.
  • Only current NSU students, faculty, and staff may use the MARPs, Practicums & Applied Dissertations database to find citations to applied dissertations. This database also includes full-text (PDF) for many of the more recent applied dissertations.
    • To locate examples of dissertations by your dissertation chair:
      • Search in the MARPs, Practicums, and Applied Dissertations Database.
      • Click on the Advanced tab.
      • Select Advisor in the pull-down menu on the right.
      • Type the last name of the advisor/dissertation chair you are looking for.

  • Other MARPs, practicums & applied dissertations are available in microfiche format; they are not available in print. To obtain microfiche documents:
    • Local students should call the Reference Desk at (954) 262-4613 during reference desk hours before coming to the library to request retrieval of the microfiche. Tell the reference librarian the name, title, and number found on your citation.
    • Distance students may request copies via the ILLIAD system.

College of Engineering and Computing (CEC)

  • NSUWorks hosts a number of CEC dissertations and theses available online.
  • See the CEC dissertations list for a list of all CEC dissertations available in print, sorted by year.

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS)

  • NSUWorks hosts a number of CAHSS dissertations and theses available online.

Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography (CNSO)

  • NSUWorks hosts a number of CNSO dissertations and theses available online.
  • The Oceanography Library has bibliographic lists for CNSO Dissertations, Theses, Portfolios, and Capstones available online. For more information about accessing these items, please visit the Oceanography Library guide listed below.


Find NSU Items in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global

To conduct a general search for NSU dissertations available in digital format, start in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database, pull down the search field menu, and select the University/institution -- SCH field. Use the "Look up Universities/institutions" link to the right of the search box to find Nova Southeastern University or, for older dissertations, Nova University.

Find NSU Dissertations Chaired by Your Advisor

Check the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global Database:

  • In the pull-down menu on the right, select Degree -- DG and type the type of degree such as Ed.D., Ph.D., D.B.A., D. P. A., etc. *Notice that you must include the correct punctuation.
  • Select University/institution -- SCH in the pull-down menu and type Nova Southeastern University.
  • Select Advisor -- ADV in the pull-down menu and type the last name of your dissertation chair.

NOTE: Abraham S. Fischler College of Education Ed.D. candidates should follow the instructions listed under Additional Sources for Specific NSU Colleges.

NSU Dissertations Available In-Print at the Alvin Sherman Library

A number of NSU Dissertations are available in-print at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Alvin Sherman Library.

To conduct a general search for NSU dissertations available in print format, start in the NovaCat catalog. The process for requesting this type of material is as follows:

  • Locate the items using NovaCat. Click on the "Advanced Search" link. Enter a "Subject" or "Keyword" for your topic. From the "Material Types" menu, click on "Printed Material" then select "Dissertation." Then, click on the "Submit" button to view your results.
  • Once you have the author and title of the material, come to the Circulation Desk to request it. A SharkCard or ASL public card is required.
  • First-floor Dissertations circulate to NSU students, staff and faculty ONLY. However, ASL public card holders can review them up to 2 hours inside the library.
  • All types of dissertations on the 4th floor do not circulate.

Get a Copy of Your Own NSU MARP, Applied Dissertation or Practicum:

The NSU MARPs (Major Applied Research Projects), Practicums & Applied Dissertation database, along with its contents, is only available to current NSU students, faculty and staff.

As an alumnus, if you wish to obtain a copy of your own Abraham S. Fischler School of Education MARP, Applied Dissertation or Practicum, please download this Request Form (PDF) and carefully follow the instructions therein. The form must be fully completed, notarized, and mailed to the address specified.

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