Dissertations: Uploading NSU Dissertations to Proquest & NSUWorks

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Uploading NSU Dissertations to Proquest & NSUWorks

Note: see the box below to get to the submission portal for your specific NSU College

Recommended submission selections within the Proquest ETD Portal:

  • Select Type of Publishing = Traditional Publishing
  • Select Publishing Options = YES to "I want major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo) to discover my work through ProQuest."
  • Access Options =  YES.  Only Select NO if you have patents pending, or another reason why you need to delay access to the full text of your work, such as a paper in press or a grant requirement. 
  • Accept the Traditional Publishing Agreement
  • Access options for NSU’s Institutional Repository (IR) Publishing Options = select the same option as you did for access options above (open access immediately, or embargoes for designated time periods if required).  This will automatically upload your dissertation for you into NSU’s Institutional Repository, NSU Works.
  • Please review the NSU Theses and Dissertations Agreement for rights and permissions for electronic thesis, dissertation, or capstone project placement on NSU’s Institutional Repository, NSU Works.  Check off the box that you have read, understand and agree to this University Agreement, then save & continue.  
  • Contact Information = You do not need to use your NSU email - select an email that you regularly use and will continue to use in the future (NSU email NOT recommended).  Your NSU ID is required in the Institutional Student ID.  
  • Double check your entries into the Dissertation/Thesis Details boxes!
    • Select your Degree/Department Information
    • Include your keywords!
  • Upload your PDF = We recommend you scan and add your SIGNED signature page to your file.  If you need assistance with this, please let us know.
  • Supplemental Files (Optional) = this can be pictures, raw data, etc. - anything that supports your dissertation that you would like to include.
  • Register U.S. Copyright = This is optional, but you can have ProQuest (for a fee) get you a copyright for your work. 
  • Verify your submission and submit!
  • The submission will then go to your NSU ProQuest administrator (see below) for review and approval.  

NSU Proquest ETD Administrators

NSU College

ProQuest ETD Submission Portal

NSU ProQuest Portal Admin

NSU - Abraham S Fischler College of Education


Camille Coke (coke@nova.edu)

NSU - Center for Psychological Studies


Dr. John Lewis (lewis@nova.edu), Chair of the Department of Clinical & School Psychology, and Dr. Ana Fins (anaifins@nova.edu), Academic Advisor for the Department of Clinical & School Psychology.  These 2 individuals work with the PhD students, dissertation, etc.  For several years Dr. Lewis has been a UMI/Proquest administration along with Diane Karol.

NSU - Division of Socialand Behavioral Sciences


Angela Yehl, yehl@nova.edu; Ext. 28299

NSU - College of Engineeringand Computing


Sylvia B. Amadeo, samadeo@nova.edu;
Ext. 22005

NSU - Health Professions Division


Todd Puccio, puccio@nova.edu; Ext. 23114

NSU - H. Wayne Huizenga Schoolof Business and Entrepreneurship


Sharon Greenberg, sharong@nova.edu,
Ext. 25150

NSU - Department of Justiceand Human Services


Angela Yehl, yehl@nova.edu; Ext. 28299

Alina Gonzalez, gonzalin@nova.edu,
Ext. 28405

NSU - MA in WritingProgram


Alina Gonzalez, gonzalin@nova.edu,
Ext. 28405

NSU - Halmos College of Natural Sciencesand Oceanography


Jaime Goldman, hjaime@nova.edu
Ext. 23681

NSU - College of Arts, Humanities,and Social Sciences


Alina Gonzalez, gonzalin@nova.edu,
Ext. 28405