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Broward County Hoarding Task Force: Hoarding Fact Sheet

Hoarding Fact Sheet

  • Compulsive hoarding is characterized by excessive acquisition and failure to discard.


  • Hoarded items are typically of little or no value, and can include items such as paper, containers, clothing, food, books, and trash.


  • In compulsive hoarding, living spaces are no longer useable for their intended purposes.  For example, the kitchen of a hoarder may contain so many hoarded objects that the individual can no longer use the stove or the kitchen table.


  • Hoarding behaviors can cause significant distress; hoarding individuals, family members, neighbors, service providers, and law enforcement officials are just a few of those that are affected by this problem.


  • Hoarders typically lack insight into their problems and struggle to change. Most do not seek treatment.


  • Few psychological treatments have proven effective with hoarders, and medications also have limited effects.


  • 2-4% of the population display clinically significant compulsive hoarding symptoms.


  • The population estimate for Broward County in 2010 is 1,748,066 residents.  If 2-4% of these are hoarders, than up to about 70,000 compulsive hoarders residing in Broward County alone.


  • Hoarding is up to 3 times more prevalent in individuals ages 65 and older