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Copyright and Fair Use Resources: Best Practices

Use of Images

Best Practices for Teaching

1. You can link to E-Books, E-Journal articles, Library databases in WebCT or Blackboard from the NSU Library subscriptions.

2. If you scan an article, book chapter and upload this PDF in WebCT or Blackboard, you will need to consult the Copyright Clearance Office if you intend to use the scanned item more than one semester. There are copyright restrictions on how much you can scan- contact the Copyright Clearance Office for more information- or look at the links regarding copyright in the Resources tab.

3. You can use any online NSU Library article, database, E-Book in the class during your lectures.

4. You can use videos and animations from any NSU Library database during your lectures.

5. You can show any NSU Library videos or videos freely available online during your lectures such as streaming media from a library database.

6. Many NSU DVDs are licensed for classroom use: please Ask a Librarian if in doubt.

Liaison Librarians can assist you with finding permanent links to articles, books and more.

Special thanks to Georgia Harper, Office of General Counsel, University of Texas System , for the copyright information we linked to these guidelines.