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Sports Law: Law Review and Journal Articles

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Helpful Search Terms

Knowing alot of different sites to use as search engines can make researching your topic easy and quicker. When using WestLaw and Lexis as a first year law student you will have the ability to use these sites for free and be able to research cases and statutes. When using those sites be sure to use different search terms like the following:

College and Doping



Sports and Contracts

Torts in Sports

Intellectual Propery And Sports


Collective Bargainning

Law Reviews and Journals

Most schools publish one or more Law Journals which contain scholarly articles on narrow topics which can be used as an secondary source to find information to find your primary sources such as, cases, statutes and regulations. Below are four law review sites from schools that I believe are near the top in finding information on Sports Law.

Helpful websites

The sites below are great starting points to use as research tools for finding information on Sports Law. Using the terms in the box above these sites can find information on the topic of your choice. Most of these sites will make you sign in and are not free, however being a law student will allow you access to these sites.


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