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Sports Law: Issues in Sports Law

Information on Drugs in Sports

The sites below talk about drugs that are banned and the kind of movement that has taken place to make sports a drug free world.

Sports Law Websites-Case law Site

Anti-Trust/CBA issues

Anti-Trust and Collective Bargainning Agreements can be very difficult to understand. The links provided below give you an insight to some issues that are involved.

Library Guides On Sports Law

Collective Bargainning Agreement

This two minute video explains the heated battle between the NFL owners and players that lead to the 2011 NFL lockout in dispute over a new 10 year collective bargainning agreement.


Explaination of Salary Caps used in a CBA

Torts and Sports Law

Below are articles on torts that have played a part in sports law. Sports law incorporate many other subjects of law and torts play a big part. The articles below should give an idea of how it does and include some of the most important issues when the two areas of law are overlapped.


Sites below will give information about the olympics with information to the use of drugs and rules and regulations for all athletes that participant.