Physics and Astronomy: Getting Started

This is a guide to doing research in the related areas of physics and astronomy. It is designed to display resources owned by the Alvin Sherman Library as well as free resources available on the Internet.
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This guide to Physics and Astronomy provides information on resources available from the Alvin Sherman Library, both in the library and online, related to phyics and astronomy. The guide covers information sources such as books, journal articles, conference papers, databases, Web sites, and other resources needed to access them.

Where do I Start?

Each tab contains different types of resources available. If you are looking for a book on your research subject go to Find Books. To find journal articles, research reports, and other kinds of materials go to the databases in Find Articles. To find basic facts on a topic or look up a word in a dictionary go to Find Facts. For information from recognized organizations and authoritative websites use Find Websites. If you are writing up your research and need help in preparing footnotes or the bibliography go to Cite Your Sources. For a help on variety of special topics, library services, and the like see what is available in How to .... Finally, each page has a link to our Ask A Librarian service so you can get additional help by contacting a librarian.

Science Daily: Physics


Science Daily: Astronomy


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