EndNote: Creating Groups

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Creating Groups

 Create Groups, Group Sets, and Smart Groups in EndNote to organize your references without creating multiple libraries.

Create a Group

  1. On the EndNote toolbar, select Groups > Create Group.
  2. Enter a Name for the group.
  3. Click on All References to view the references in your library.
  4. Highlight references you wish to add to the Group (use the Ctrl key to select multiple references).
  5. Select Groups > Add References to > Group name. (or drag and drop references into the group)

Create Group Sets to organize your numerous groups

  1. On the EndNote toolbar, select Groups > Create Group Set
  2. Enter a Name for the Group Set.
  3. To create new groups under the Group Set: right click on the Group Set, select Create Group and enter a name.
  4. To add existing groups to the Group Setleft click on a group and drag to the Group Set.

Create Smart Groups to automatically add references to a group with specific criteria

  1. On the EndNote toolbar, select Groups > Create Smart Group
  2. A search box will appear. Enter a Name for the Smart Group
  3. Enter criteria for your search using the drop-down menus and text boxes.
  4. Click Create.
  5. A new Group will appear under Smart Groups in the left panel.
  6. Smart Groups are designated by a light bulb/magnifying glass icon 
  7. Every new reference added to your library that meets the set criteria will automatically be added to the Smart Group.


Here is a short video by EndNote on creating groups and sharing your library:


A single reference can be in multiple groups

Groups will appear on the left panel under My Library

Groups can be renamed or deleted

Groups can be moved from one Group Set to another (drag & drop)

Up to 5,000 Custom Groups in a single library

Up to 5,000 Group Sets per library