HPD Alumni: HPD Library Access for Alumni

Library Access to REGISTERED HPD Alumni

Please realize that access to most of the specialized (clinical/point-of-care) Medical databases (ex: UpToDate) is not enabled for Alumni due to licensing restrictions set by the vendor.  

HPD LIB Databases


E-Journals (details)


Books (details)


Equipment, Tablets & MediaScape


Study Rooms 

Document Delivery - Articles & Scanned Chapters (details) Document Delivery Books (details)
HPD Alumni Limited Limited 30 days Not Available Not Available 5 per week - from free lenders (details)  Not Available


The above privledges are for REGISTERED alumni.  To Register, follow the instructions below.


HPD Alumni Access to HPD Library

New HPD graduates retain full HPD Library access for the first 6 months after graduation before their status changes to Alumni.

After 6 months:

To Become a Registered Alum:

1. Register at the NSU Alumni Portal - you will need your NSU ID number to request database access.

You must make sure that you put a check mark in the box that says "have access to select research databases'

2. Your Alumni record request will be processed by the Alumni office.  They will in-turn notify the Library of your request and we will activate your alumni access.  This process may take a week or two.   You will receive a confirmation email when that has taken place.


3. Click on this link to view the NSU Databases that Registered Alumni are able to use from home.

You may also come in-person to the HPD library building to access databases with guest access.


4. Click on this link to read the NSU registered alumni borrowing loan privileges policy.