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HPD Alumni

Registered Alumni Interlibrary Loan Privledges

HPD Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery (ILLIAD) Service

Before you are able to request items - Alumni should contact the ILL/DocDel office to create  an Alumni ILL account by calling (954)-262-3120 or via email at

Registered Alumni Interlibrary Loan Privledges

  • All requests are subject to approval.
  • Alumni are limited to a maximum of five (5) requests per week.
  • Alumni may order Articles and Scanned book chapters.
  • Only requests that are available from our PRINT NSU collections or from a "free" lending library will be filled.
  • Scanned Chapters from books are restricted as follows : A - No more than one (1) chapter per week, per patron; B - No more than 20% of the whole work may be delivered to the same patron within 12 months
  • Other restrictions may apply
  • All requests are subject to provider License Agreements, Fair Use and Copyright restrictions and are usually handled in accordance to the National Commission on New Technological Uses (CONTU) Guidelines
Misuse or abuse of the HPD ILL/DocDel Service may result in blocked privleges and/or disciplinary action.