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Fun (but useful) Apps

  The Best iPhone Apps for Students

Note: Apps are available from the iTunes Store. Some fees may apply.

Quickoffice - The very fact that we can write and edit out papers on a phone is remarkable enough, the fact that this app is actually good enough to write a few pages on is what gets it on this list. Stuck in a waiting room? Laptop broken and the computer lab is all the way across campus? This app can maximize your productivity, and is even—dare I say it—fun to use.

Evernote - Yes, this blog talks about Evernote a lot, but it deserves another mention. Invaluable for recalling and backing up your professor’s hint about next week’s essay test, or that girl’s phone number you just overheard. Plus, it’s free.

Flashlight - There are any number of these apps available, so there’s no excuse not to have one. Makes it much easier to navigate your dorm room at 2 AM without waking up your roommate. Maximize the brightness and hold it up at a concert to prove your phone’s superiority.

Voice Memos - This is included with all iPhones and new iPod touches, so really you have no excuse. If you find yourself falling asleep in class or simply enjoy day dreaming, just fire this up and record the lecture to listen to later. It’s like TiVo for class.

Shopping List Lite - Your ability to get to the store in college is limited, particularly if you don’t have a car. Running low on contact solution, ramen, or Red Bull? Keep a running list so you’ll be sure not to forget anything. It’s free too, so you’ll actually have grocery money to spend. 

SnapTell - Everyone wants to get the best price on their physics textbooks and Glee DVD’s. Just snap a picture of the cover of any book, CD, or DVD, and instantly get a list of prices and distributors.

eTextbooks for iPhone - Electronic textbooks are still a nascent market, but if you can find even half of your books on CourseSmart, you’ll be saving a lot of money and trees. This free app means you’ll never be without your textbook, and your bathroom breaks will never be more productive.

Doodle Jump - Perfect for boring classes in large lecture halls. Can be used simultaneously with Voice Memos if you’re worried about missing something.

Urbanspoon - Nobody wants to eat every meal at the dining hall, and finding cheap delicious food outside of a half-mile radius from campus can make you very popular. Combine with a car and you’ll be an unstoppable social force come dinner-time.

Excerpts from blog post in: Hack College

Library Apps

Note: Apps are available from the iTunes Store. Some fees may apply.

Libraries are the best places to find free wi-fi when you are vacation, or to catch up on the news. This is a very basic applications that lets users find the nearest public library.
The free app delivers trusted reference content from and, including nearly 1,000,000 words and definitions and 90,000 synonyms and antonyms. No Internet connection is needed.

This handy iPhone app from Gale uses GPS to find libraries within a 10-mile radius of your location. You can then select a library and access all its Gale electronic resources. 

This iPhone app allows patrons to access all of the 227,300 papers from the Social Science Research Network. 

Wikipedi Mobile
On-the-go, mobile optimized access to Wikipedia articles. Though Wikipedia should not be used as a primary source in any academic paper, it is a great starting point for deeper research.

WorldCat Mobile
Users can search through Worldcat’s collection of 1.5 billion items, find a nearby library, and map a route to a library through the WorldCat Mobile iPhone app.

Apps that support your study habits

Note: Apps are available from the iTunes Store. Some fees may apply.

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle app is optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, providing users the ability to read Kindle books using a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You can discover and read over 630,000* books in the Kindle Store, including the latest best sellers and new releases.

iStudiez Pro

Beautiful application that keeps track of your entire class schedule and assignments. From detailed, color-coded class schedules to the ability to attach assignments to each course that shows up on the calendar and when they’re due.

PI83 Graphing Calculator

Recreates the feature-set of the Texas Instruments TI83 graphing calculator.