American Heritage School Library Orientation: Library Databases

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Check Your Knowledge

General Databases

Search within these databases for information on events and people.

Selected History Databases

On this page, you will learn how to:

  • Use library databases to search for information on your research topic

What is a library database?

A  library database is a collection of information (articles, studies, etc.) published electronically by a credible publisher.

Although you use a computer to search within databases, they are not the same as websites. 

Tips for Choosing Which Library Database to Use:

Where can I use the databases?

You can use all databases when you come into the library and log in with your library card.  Some databases can also be used from home.  For each database, look for the house icon with the word "Broward" to know if it can be used without having to come to the library. Click here to view a list of all the databases that you can use outside of the library.

Example of house icon:


Keywords and Boolean Operators

When using a library database, you need to search for articles using keywords that describe your topic and combine your keywords using Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT. What the videos below to learn how to find your keywords and use Boolean operators.