Receive Alumni Access to Library Resources: NSUWorks

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NSUWorks Institutional Repository

NSUWorks is Nova Southeastern University's institutional repository. Institutional repositories are digital collections that capture and preserve the intellectual output, such as dissertations and theses, of university communities.

To search for works authored by members of the NSU community or to learn more, please visit the NSUWorks website below!

Alumni Email

Students will be able to retain their email address after graduation. To do so, alumni will need to make a formal request by contacting NSU's Strategic Support Services via email at or by calling 954-262-0777.
Important to Note:

  • All alumni email accounts must comply with NSU's password policy.
  • Users must log in to their email account at least once every six months. Accounts not used for one hundred and eighty (180) days will be disabled.
  • This account will only provide email services. OneDrive and Office360 applications are not included.

For more information, please visit NSU's Alumni Email webpage.