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Office of Academic Services
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Office of Academic Services

The library does not provide tutoring services, but we know who does!

NSU's Tutoring & Testing Center (TTC)

The Tutoring and Testing Center (TTC) is housed within the College of Undergraduate Studies (COUS) and is charged with providing a variety of academic support services to all NSU students TTC offers individualized tutoring in writing, mathematics, and science.

(954) 262-8350 

Office of Undergraduate Student Success

The Office of Undergraduate Student Success provides resources to support your success and graduation from Nova Southeastern University!  These resources include:

  • Student Success Coaching
  • Super Sharks
  • Tools for Success
  • Tips for Goals Setting
  • Tips for Time Management

The Office of Undergraduate Student Success is located on the 4th floor of the DeSantis Building. 

954-262-8386  |  1-800-541-6682, ext. 28386