Learning about Journals and Publishers: Workshops

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Workshops and Presentations

Academics Beware: Knowing the Difference between a Predatory and Legitimate Academic Journal

CAHSS SGA teamed up with Librarian Stacy Allsop to hold an important session held concurrently in-person at the Alvin Sherman Library and online via GoToTraining. 

Friday October 30, 2015, from 12:00-1:30pm

Alvin Sherman Library, Lab A (2nd Floor)

RSVP: http://evite.me/pzmhNx4r6C

Register if attending online:

Predatory vs Legitimate Journals: How they differ? -- If you are looking to publish before or after you graduate, you will want to attend this workshop. 

Upcoming ...

Look at this page in the future for additional announcements. Other workshops and sessions are in the planning stages. There are also resources such as powerpoint slides and handouts that will be posted on this guide.