Career Pathways: Advertising and Marketing Law

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Advertising and Marketing Law is a body of law that covers all aspects of advertising and marketing.  Businesses use a variety of print and electronic media to provide information to consumers, e.g., radio, television, social media, magazines, mailings.  This area of law involves regulations set by government agencies.  There are complex laws that protect consumers from being harmed by information, whether it be a statement made by a pharmaceutical company or a juice company. All industries are impacted by advertising and marketing laws.

Advertising and Marketing Law attorneys help individuals and businesses navigate the various consumer protection laws and regulations. Attorneys may work with government agencies to enforce these laws or in the legal department of a company or on behalf of consumers.  Attorneys may help protect intellectual property interests, first amendment rights, contractual rights, among the myriad of issues that can arise in this context.  For additional information on Advertising and Marketing Law, see the Legal Marketing Association or the Business Law Section (ABA).

Job Types Typical Duties

Federal Agencies

  • Oversee the advertising and marketing of businesses.
  • Regulate advertising and marketing practices.
  • Make rules and regulations dealing with advertising and marketing.
  • Enforce rules and regulations.
State Agencies
  • Regulate businesses and issue licenses to professionals in the State of Florida (DBPR).
  • Gather and analyze data on consumers and competitors.
  • Enforce rules and regulations.
Private Law Firms
  • Ensure businesses are in compliance with advertising, marketing, and promotional laws.
  • Protect intellectual property of businesses.

Other Activities

  • Obtain an internship with an advertising and marketing law attorney or firm.
  • Periodically check Symplicity Job Board for opportunities in this area of law.

Curriculum Considerations

Take a look at the Law Curriculum Mapping Guide to see courses related to a career in Advertising and Marketing Law.  In addition, it will help you identify faculty that you can speak to regarding this area of practice.