Career Pathways: General Practice

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General Practice Law involves practicing in many different areas of the law.  General practice lawyers can advise clients and resolve disputes; draft documents, including contracts, for small business owners; draft wills, powers of attorney, and medical directives; resolve or even try small lawsuits; draft and execute deeds; represent clients at real estate closings; handle traffic tickets; and draft contracts and other documents for many different situations.

General practice lawyers need to be generalists, as they offer legal services that span a range of practice areas.  Although they may take advanced courses and eventually specialize in one or more areas of the law, basic courses in any area of the law are useful for the general practice lawyer.  Interviewing, counseling, negotiation, and even mediation are good skills for general practice lawyers to develop and use in a general practice.

For more information about general practice law, see the Solo and Small Firm Section of the Florida Bar, the Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division of the American Bar Association, MyShingle, a resource site and blog for solo and small-firm lawyers, and the Solo/Small Firm Toolkit, an Adobe Acrobat document from the Bar Association of San Francisco.

Private Law Firms
  •  Drafting wills

  • Handling PI cases.

  •  Negotiating tax settlements with IRS.

  • Assisting clients with criminal issues, including traffic infractions, DUIs, misdemeanors, and felonies.

  • Assisting clients with family law issues, including dissolution and custody. 

Other Activities

  • Get involved with student bar association.
  • Obtain an internship with an attorney or firm.
  • Periodically check the Symplicity Job Board.

Business of Lawyering Curriculum Guide


Faculty Members Include: Jon Garon, Jim Levy


Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Business Operations for Lawyers  (3 Credits) LAW 0093


The Berger Entrepreneur Law Clinic (5-7 Credits) LAW 0086

Law Office Management Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0651



Business Planning Workshop (3 credits) LAW 0807

Law Practice Business and Technology (2 Credits) LAW 0092


Electronic Discovery, Digital Evidence and Information Governance Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0200

Legal Leadership, Planning, and Management (3 Credits) LAW 0084


International Business Transactions (3 credits) LAW 0837



Information Privacy Law (3 credits) LAW 0091