Career Pathways: Insurance Law

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Insurance Law involves the regulation of all types of insurance of risk: property, automobile, personal and professional liability, life, health, long-term care, and disability, among others.  Most areas of the insurance industry are regulated, so insurance law attorneys should be comfortable with administrative law.  Each type of insurance is also covered by regulations specific to its subject area.  Health, long-term care, and disability insurance involve health care law.  Insurance law attorneys should be experts in contract law and have experience with contract drafting.

Corporate law knowledge and transactional skills are useful for insurance law attorneys.  A background in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, is important.  Insurance contracts often use ADR clauses as a way to reduce transaction costs and increase efficiency.  And since some types of insurance, such as life, health, and disability insurance, are offered as benefits through employers, employee benefits law is also relevant.

For more information about insurance law, see the Legal Information Institute’s Wex encyclopedia “Insurance” page, the American Bar Association’s Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section, and the International Risk Management Institute.

Job Types Typical Duties
Federal Agencies
  • Draft and enforce rules and regulations.

  • Draft and enforce external and internal policies and procedures.

  • Liaise with state regulators and insurance companies.

State Agencies
  • Provide advice and counsel to state insurance regulators regarding regulatory issues.
  • Review applications from insurance companies.
  • Work on the issuance of rules, orders, and other legal documents.
  • Litigate cases in informal administrative hearings, hearings at the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings, and in state and federal courts.
Local Government
  • Assist municipalities and municipal administrators with insurance coverage issues.
  • Litigate insurance and insurance-coverage cases on behalf of municipalities.
Private Law Firms
  • Advise and counsel insurance companies and companies and individuals purchasing insurance and making claims against insurance companies.
  • Investigate, document, submit, and appeal insurance claims.
  • Litigate insurance and insurance-coverage cases on behalf of private clients.

Other Activities


  • Obtain an internship with an insurance law attorney or firm.
  • Periodically check the Symplicity Job Board for opportunities in this area of law.

Commercial/Business Law Curriculum Guide


Faculty Members Include: Ron Brown, Tim Canova, Phyllis Coleman, Leslie Cooney, Jane Cross, Debra Moss Vollweiler, Doug Donoho, Michael FlynnLinda F. Harrison, Shahabudeen Khan, Ishaq Kundawala, Jim Levy, Donna Litman, Elena Marty-Nelson, Michael Masinter, Kathryn Nunez, Roma Perez, Florence Shu-Acquaye


Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Agency (2 Credits) LAW 0920  (FB)

Antitrust Law (3 Credits) LAW 1019

The Berger Entrepreneur Law Clinic (5-7 Credits) LAW 0086

Business Entities (4 Credits) LAW 0516 (FB)


Bankruptcy Law (3 Credits) LAW 0783 

Charitable Organizations Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 1051

Contracts (4 Credits) LAW 0612 (MBE) (FB)

Bankruptcy Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0601 

Comparative Corporate Governance Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 1060

UCC: Negotiable Instruments Law (3 Credits) LAW 0691/LAW 4691  (FB)

Business Planning Workshop (3 Credits) LAW 0807

Corporate Tax (3 Credits) LAW 0769

UCC: Sales (2 Credits) LAW 0688  (MBE) (FB)

Civil Field Placement Clinic (6 or 12 credits) LAW 0826

Income Tax (3 Credits) LAW 0701

UCC: Sales and Secured Financing (4 Credits) LAW 4675 (MBE) (FB)

Consumer Bankruptcy Field Placement Clinic (4-5 credits) LAW 1851

Nonprofit Organizations (3 Credits) LAW 0679

UCC: Secured Transactions (2 Credits) LAW 0687  (FB)

Corporate Finance (3 Credits) LAW 1047

Remedies (3 Credits) LAW 0755 



International Business Transactions (3 Credits) LAW 0837/LAW 0838

State and Local Tax in the New Millennium (3 Credits) LAW 0708


International Sales & Arbitration (3 Credits) LAW 0833



Law, Finance and Markets Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 4678



Regulation of Financial Institutions (3 credits) LAW 0781



Securities Regulation (3 Credits) LAW 0850/LAW 0851



 SEC Enforcement Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0511



Careers in Commercial/Business Law

Researching Commercial/Business Law 

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