Career Pathways: Internet Law

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Internet Law is a developing area of law that incorporates many traditional legal fields (e.g., Intellectual Property Law, Contracts, Corporate Law) in addressing the needs arising out of the spread of the Internet.  Common legal issues arising in this field include disputes over domain names, preventing the transmission of copyrighted works, protecting intellectual property in electronic format, thwarting cyber-terrorism, and many more.  The world is becoming an increasingly connected place, and legal opportunities will continue to increase and present themselves in the coming years.


Job Types Typical Duties
Federal Agencies
  • Regulate interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.
State Agencies
  • Act as a general counsel.
Private Law Firms
  • Represent clients in litigation dealing with internet law.
  • Protect intellectual property rights.
  • Litigate cases.
  • Research and draft legal documents.

Other Activities

  • Obtain an internship with an attorney or firm who practices internet law.
  • Periodically check the Symplicity Job Board for opportunities in this area of law.

Intellectual Property Curriculum Guide


Faculty Members Include: Jon Garon, Joseph Grohman, Jim Levy, Jim Wilets


Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Copyright Law (3 Credits) LAW 0817

Art Law Seminar  (2 Credits) LAW 0643

Business Operations for Lawyers  (3 Credits) LAW 0093

Intellectual Property Law (3 Credits) LAW 0510

Drafting and Negotiating Intellectual Property Licenses (2 Credits) LAW 0600

Social Media and the Law (2 Credits) LAW 0090

Patents (2 Credits) LAW 0815

Entertainment Law (2 Credits) LAW 1048

Strategic Business Planning for Lawyers (3 Credits) LAW 0094

Trademark Law and Unfair Competition (3 Credits) LAW 0696

Information Privacy Law (3 Credits) LAW 0091



International Intellectual Property Law (3 Credits) LAW 0705



Internet Law (3 Credits) LAW 0449 and LAW 0500



Law Practice Business and Technology (2 Credits) LAW 0092



Patent Prosecution Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0819