Career Pathways: Labor & Employment Law

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Labor and Employment Law deals with the rights of employers and employees in the workplace.  This complex area of law often focuses on compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Attorneys in this practice area typically represent either the employer or the employee.  Employers rely on the expertise of labor and employment law attorneys to provide advice and structure policies for their human resources departments, to represent them in litigation involving wrongful discharge, to help them implement drug-testing procedures, to draft noncompetition agreements, and to guide them through workers’ compensation issues.  Employees rely on labor and employment law attorneys to assist them in wrongful discharge claims, sexual harassment claims, occupational safety issues, discrimination claims, whistleblower claims, and issues with workers’ compensation.

Job Types Typical Duties
Federal Agencies
  • Develop regulations for government agencies regarding labor and employment.
  • Enforce compliance with labor regulations.
State Agencies
  • Represent the state of Florida and its agencies against suits filed by employees who believe their rights have been violated.
  • Write and enforce state regulations and policies with regards to labor and employment law.
Local Government
  • Represent local governments in actions filed by employees who believe their rights have been violated.
  • Write and enforce local ordinances and local government policy concerning labor and employment.
Private Law Firms
  • Represent workers who feel that they have been subjected to discrimination or employers in such actions.
  • Represent clients in front of regulatory agencies.

Other Activities

  • Obtain an internship with an attorney or firm practicing in labor and employment law.
  • Periodically check Symplicity Job Board for jobs and internships in this field of practice.
  • Attend networking events or CLE programs held by labor law sections of FL Bar or ABA.

Employment Law Curriculum Guide


Faculty Members Include: Leslie Cooney, Judith Karp, Jim Levy, Michael Masinter, John Sanchez, Fran Tetunic, Kathryn Webber                                                                                          


Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

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