Career Pathways: Personal Injury & Products Liability Law

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Personal Injury Law is an area of tort law concerning damage to a person or the person’s property because of an unsafe product, unsafe conduct, or unsafe conditions.  Products Liability Law is a subset of Personal Injury Law dealing with manufactured items.  Personal injury lawsuits may arise from incidents such as a slip and fall in a department store or a car accident that may have resulted from defective brakes.  Personal injury attorneys must have expertise in tort law, but also must be skilled at trial procedure and evidence, and at negotiation, both for settlement and at every stage of the litigation process.  Firms that represent clients in personal injury matters tend to specialize in specific types, e.g., premises liability, products liability, or auto accidents. 

The practice of personal injury law involves significant investigation, discovery, and negotiation, and often significant amounts of litigation.  For more information on personal injury and products liability law practice, see American Association for Justice and ABA Section of Litigation.

Job Types Typical Duties
Federal Agencies
  • Develop voluntary standards with industry

  • Issue and enforce mandatory standards

  • Obtain the recall of products and arrange for the repair, replacement, or a refund

  • Conduct research on potential product hazards

  • Inform and educate consumers 

Private Law Firms
  • Interview clients and research the client’s claim

  • Draft legal documents and counsel clients

  • Provide legal representation in Court where necessary

  • Help plaintiffs receive compensation for losses

Student Organizations

Other Activities


  • Obtain an internship with a personal injury or products liability attorney or firm.
  • Periodically check the Symplicity Job Board for opportunities in this area of law.

Torts Law Curriculum Guide


Faculty Members Include: Kathy Cerminara, Phyllis Coleman, Doug Donoho, Michael Flynn, Amanda Foster, Joe Hnylka, Ken Lewis, Joel Mintz, Michael Richmond, John Sanchez, Kathryn Webber



Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Torts (4 Credits) LAW 0648 (MBE)(FB)

Agency (2 Credits) LAW 0920  (FB)


Animal Law (2 Credits) LAW 0526


Consumer Pro Intern Class (1 Credit) LAW 2002/Consumer Protection Law Internship (2 Credits) LAW 2003

Civil Practice Field Placement Clinic FT: 12 Credits LAW 0826/0829 or PT: 6 credits LAW 0828


Defamation, Privacy and Publicity (3 Credits) LAW 0642 (MBE)(FB)

Civil Pre-Trial Practice (3 Credits) LAW 0517


Insurance (3 Credits) LAW 0830


Environmental Enforcement Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0780



Medical Malpractice (2 Credits) LAW 0873


Environmental Law (2 Credits) LAW 0771


Products Liability (3 Credits) LAW 0820


Remedies (3 Credits) LAW 0755 



Workers Compensation (3 Credits) LAW 0520 


Sports Law (2 Credits) LAW 1017




Trial Advocacy (3 Credits) LAW 0890



Faculty With this Specialty