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Tax attorneys prepare tax returns and advise individuals and corporations on the particulars of tax law and regulations.  They represent clients in administrative hearings before local, state, and federal agencies that investigate and enforce tax law.  For example, a tax attorney may represent a client whose tax returns are being audited.  Tax attorneys may also advise clients on import and export duties, which are a form of tax.  They may help clients structure businesses or create policies or documentation to better comply with or take advantage of tax laws and regulations.  Practicing tax law requires a strong understanding of federal and state statutory interpretation and the regulatory process.  In some cases, an understanding of local law or international law may also be required.  Tax attorneys often work for accounting firms and many are licensed as certified public accountants. 

For more information on practicing as a tax attorney, please look at the websites of the Florida Bar Tax Law Section or the American Bar Association Section of Taxation.

Job Types Typical Duties
Federal Agencies
  • Write and promulgate federal tax laws and regulations.
  • Participate in investigation and enforcement of federal tax laws and regulations.
  • Participate in the regulating of tax professionals.
State Agencies
  • Participate in the writing of state tax laws and regulations.
  • Participate in the enforcement and investigation of state laws and regulations.
Local Government
  • Participate in the writing of local tax ordinances.
  • Participate in the enforcement and investigation of state laws and local ordinances.
Private Law Firms
  • • Represent clients throughout the various stages of tax disputes.
  • • Inform and explain the laws in this area of practice to clients.

Student Organizations

Other Activities

  • Obtain an internship with an attorney or firm who practice tax law.

  • Periodically check Symplicity Job Board for jobs and internships in this field of practice.

  • Obtain a Tax L.L.M.

Tax Law Curriculum Guide


Faculty Members Include:  Donna Litman, Elena Marty-Nelson, Jani Maurer



Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

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Estate and Gift Tax (3 Credits) LAW 0715


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State and Local Tax in the New Millennium (3 Credits) LAW 0708

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Faculty With this Specialty