Career Pathways: Wills, Probate, Trusts, & Estates

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Attorneys who practice trust and estate law draft wills and trusts and help clients through the probate process.  This may involve advising clients on the best ways to avoid extensive probate on an estate, helping them structure wills and trusts so that their assets go to their intended beneficiaries during life and after death, and assisting clients in fulfilling their long-term wishes by estate planning.  It may also involve helping clients protect their assets or provide for a child, a disabled relative, or a pet. 

To learn more about this area of practice, please check out American Bar Association: Real Property, Trust & Estate Law Section, American Association of Trusts, Estates and Elder Law Attorneys , or the  Florida Bar Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section

Job Types Typical Duties
Federal Agencies
  • Create laws and regulations concerning wills, trusts, and probate.
State Agencies
  • Create laws and regulations concerning wills, trusts, and probate.
Private Law Firms
  • Draft a will, trust, or other document.
  • Administer probate for an estate.
  • Advise clients on structuring assets to ease probate.

Other Activities


  • Obtain an internship with an attorney or firm whose practice is in wills, trust, probate, and/or estates.
  • Periodically check the Symplicity Job Board for opportunities in this area of law.

Estates and Trusts Curriculum Guide


Faculty Members Include: Leslie Cooney, Ken Lewis, Donna Litman, Elena Marty-Nelson, Jani Maurer

Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Trusts (2 Credits) LAW 0956 (FB)

Animal Law (2 Credits) LAW 0526

AIDD Clinic (5-12 Credits) LAW 0021

Wills (2 Credits) LAW 0955 (FB)

Art Law Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0643

Income Tax (3 Credits) LAW 0701

Wills and Trusts (4 Credits) LAW 0655 (FB)

Business Planning Workshop (3 Credits) LAW 0807

Interviewing and Counseling (2 Credits) LAW 1062


Charitable Organizations Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 1051

Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiating (3 Credits) LAW 0665


Estate and Gift Tax (3 Credits) LAW 0715

Nonprofit Organizations (3 Credits) LAW 0679


Estate Planning Workshop (3 Credits) LAW 0725



Probate Law Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0713




Will Drafting Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0524



Faculty With this Specialty